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Crazy Candles October 15, 2010

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How many candles are you this year?

Don’t answer that – I’m just asking hypothetically! ūüôā¬†¬† But this card can make the counting of the candles fun for anyone!

I stamped the images, colored them in and then added some Stickles glitter to each candle to make it sparkle and shine.¬† I cuttlebugged the background for more texture and then added a raised resin piece that says ‘make a wish’ and stamped ‘Happy Birthday’ inside.


As Lovely As A Name…. October 13, 2010

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I have been working in the workshop this past weekend, and yet, I can’t show you what I have been working on just yet….¬† I know that sounds intriguing, but really it is because it is for my kids for Christmas and I’d like to save it for them to see first!¬† I promise I’ll take lots of pics and then share!

On the up side, I made a similar present for one of my friend’s baby girl for her first birthday.¬† Since it was her fourth kid, I figured the last thing they needed was another toy, so here’s what I came up with.

It’s a board book with each page as a letter in her name!

I (well we, as I was with my girlfriends) stumbled upon this company called Creek Bank Productions at a scrapbook convention a few years ago and I have to tell you I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!  They carry so many great things Рpapers, ribbons, storage products, but their most bestest product is their chipboard and their sanders!  I have the sanders in both the small and the big sizes and I have board books for each of my kids, and my puppy, and this one.  I have bought from them in person and over the internet.  GREAT customer service, quick shipping and the products can speak for themselves Рthey are wonderful!

Okay – I’ll get off my soapbox for that – these board books are SO nice to create and hold up SO well.¬† I covered each letter and page with coordinating patterned paper, inked all the edges, then I added some embellishments on each page, bound it together with rings and then tied a gazillion ribbons on the rings.¬† I just LOVE how it turned out – and I can’t wait to add pics to my kiddos books and see them all made up!¬† And as I promised before, I’ll take pics and share in the new year!


Sweet Birthday Treats October 11, 2010

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Who wouldn’t like this cone filled with so many scoops of fun???

Happy Birthday to all of the little ones I have to make cards for through the year!  And let me tell you, this is a fun card to make on the production line.   The cones/scoops can be in any colors Рglittered or not, place a cherry on top and you have a fun card for anyone!


I love stamping this cone a bunch of times and then taking a pile of patterned¬†papers and the I can color while I am watching the kids at gymnasics or any after school activity.¬† Then I bring them home and make a stack of cards – stamp some sentiments and voila! I have them all ready to go in the mail for that special day! (now getting them in the¬†mail for that day still has to be perfected, but it’s the THOUGHT that counts, right???)

Thanks for stopping by today – I hope you all have a SWEET week!



For the Whole Gang October 8, 2010

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¬†Well, I promised you that I would show you set of clipboards that I made for a mom’s club a little while back – so…. here they are!

The group was comprised of small groups that met and each was respresented by a particular color.  The leader oversaw the smaller groups and helped direct them.  The leader (such a great gal), thought it would be nice to give each lady a clipboard with their coordinating color to keep all of their papers on.  What a great idea!

I used lots of patterned papers and ribbons and ink¬†to decorate the clipboards in each of the colors and used my Cricut¬†to cut each ladies name to add on the bottom.¬† Here’s some shots of the finished projects:

Michelle was the leader of all of the groups and on her clipboard I pieced together a piece of paper from each of the ladies to represent each of them, as well as using a ribbon or two from their collections.¬† I then added a little poem ” a leader holds the pieces of the group together” and I added some faux stitching with brown ink.

I had a lot of fun with each of these Рwhat a nice way to collect the paperwork of meetings and what a nice way to say thank you for helping out!  I sure hope they are all using them in good spirits!

If you ever have a need РI would be happy to make a clipboard for you or for you to gift,  just let me know!


Clip It Up October 4, 2010

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Welcome to another month of fun happenings!¬† October is here – although you wouldn’t know it out here in sunny CA – it was over 100* for 3 days last week, and while it is cooler here today, it still doesn’t feel like fall.

While I really like to make cards, I have to admit that I really like to put paper on just about anything.¬† I have actually caught myself looking at items in a store and thinking “what would that look like with patterned paper on it?” ūüôā¬† Always makes me smile at myself.¬† I guess I could have worse obsessions!

Many years ago, I did a make-n-take at a scrapbook show and made a small clipboard covered with papers and ribbons.  I just loved it Рso neat and pretty and what a great gift idea for that someone who seems to have everything!  Since then, I have covered many clipboards Рbig and small Рfor teachers, bus drivers, friends, scrappers, and even clubs.  It makes a nice and personal way to present a gift card or a note to those special people.

Here are two examples I made recently just for fun.¬† I liked the bright colors and ‘flashy’ flowers and embellies.¬† See what you think, then stay tuned for a WHOLE set of them I did for a mom’s club group leaders – no two are ever alike!


It’s Here! October 1, 2010

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Hi there!¬† I’m SO excited for this post, I can hardly believe the day has finally come!!

So, many of you may not know that there is a relatively new ‘holiday’ out there just for card makers – World Card Making Day.¬† And yep, it’s THIS SATURDAY (tomorrow)!!!!!!¬† The first Saturday in October has been reserved for this great event that is celebrate by card makers, scrapbookers, and crafters alike.¬† It is meant to get a jump start on the holidays and give you time to start making your holiday cards, gifts and more.

Do you have plans??  Have you started to think about what card(s) you might like to send to everyone?? 

I have the opposite problem – I have WAY too many designs rolling around in my head and can’t get to them!!¬† I am taking today to sit and stamp and organize my thoughts so I can get ready for this great time of year.¬† Unfortunately for me (on the crafty side), I will be spending this weekend travelling with my family (more on that next week) so I can’t really stamp, etc. like I’d like to on this Saturday.¬† So, today’s the day for me.

What plans will you make??¬† Here’s a little Christmas card for some added inspiration – get your mojo flowing and get cracking!!

Somewhat reminds me of the Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree – only minus Linus’ blankie wrapped arounf the bottom ūüôā

I hope you have a great World Card Making Day 2010!!  Leave a comment to tell me what cards you will make/send!