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Christmas Is Coming… November 29, 2010

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Hello out there in cyber world!  Did you think I had abandoned you?  Well, in a way I guess I did.  But quite honestly, it has not been my fault and I am hoping that it will change fast enough! 

I have been sick with a repeat sinus infection and bronchitis since the beginning of October and the last thing I have had was the crafting mojo to do anything.  After several medicines and LOTS of boxes of tissues, I was finally feeling better last week and I started crafting again – wahoo!  Then it hit again on Friday and my head feels like a balloon ready to explode again – blah!  I mean, really, I thought I was finished with this!  The only good thing is that no one else in my family has seemed to get it, just me…. but as many of you know, when mom goes down, the whole house goes with her.  SO that’s what I am dealing with on my end of the world!  I hope that this will go away and SOON so I can get my holiday preparations in order and move on with my life!

So, I digress, thank you for indulging me in listening to me woes.  Now on to the fun stuff! 

Christmas is surely on its way around here – while we don’t have snow in CA, it has been dropping int he 30’s at night and only highs in the low 50’s in the daytime so it has felt truly like the winter is approaching.  Add that to the holiday music playing on the radio, and in the stores, as well as the Black Friday rush of shopping, etc.  you just KNOW that the holidays are fast approaching!

Here is one card that I made on my coherent day – I wanted to make something different looking for the holidays.  Not your traditional red and green, so here is my take on a black tie affair of a holiday.  I love how it turned out with its simplicity and yet, the opposition of colors lends to a more ornate look as well.   I also thought that this would look good in variations of green and white, and red and white as well.

Hope you are getting prepared for the holidays coming – do you have your tree up yet??  I haven’t even begun to think about that yet – although my kids can’t wait for the palm tree to come out!   Yep, that’s right, I said we have a palm tree for a Christmas tree!!  Not your traditional thing, but here in CA we decided to go non-traditional for a bit!  I’ll post pics when we get it up!  

Enjoy your monday – thanks for stopping by!