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Oops!! So Sorry!! December 1, 2010

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Okay, so I am sending out this post to share a total DUH! moment in my life.  So many of you wonderful people wrote to me and sent great comments on my post from today – but all reminded me that I forgot to attach the photos of my card!!!  I mean really!!!  I know you check in to see the finished projects, not just to hear me ramble.  And I said that I was happy to finally get the chance to share my news with the world.

Well, here are the pics of my first publication…

The cover of the magazine- I am SO gleeful!


My page!! (page 71 in case you have a hard copy)


Okay, this was a hard picture to take, but it is MY NAME IN PRINT!


And finally, a clear picture of my card that was published.  This is actually the photo that I sent in for submission.


What can I say?  I guess now you know that I really am human 🙂  I have had some pretty busy weeks and things are only about to get busier with the holidays and end of the year fast approaching!  So, I hope you can forgive me and my big blunder and look forward to some more inspiration coming on Friday!

Thanks again for all of the great comments and feedback – you guys are the best!



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