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You’re Hot and You’re Cold…. January 28, 2011

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     Well, here I am!  Finally a post in this new year!  And I have some news to share…

     While I have not been the best at blogging through the holidays and into the new year, there has been a good reason for it.  You see, my family and I have recently (last week) packed up our house and cards (ha!  a slip of the typing I meant to say cars!) and moved across the country, back to good ol’ Pennsylvania!  Why?  you ask??  Well, there are several reasons and I don’t have time or energy to go thru it all here where we are having crafting fun, but just know that it is a happy move in which we are enjoying so far. 

     That all being said, a move is not without adventure – and since this one included 2 adults, 3 kids, a dog, a guinea pig, 2 cars and a houseful of stuff,  let’s just say there has been a plethora of fun!  The kids began their new schools already and they seem to have a good attitude so far – I personally really like their schools and teachers and think that they are going to do very well here.  But one day at a time is all we can handle!

     When we left our old digs, it was a beautifully sunny day with temps in the 60’s and we were all enjoying the last rays of the CA sunshine.  We travelled on three different planes and landed here in PA into the snow and cold.  It was sunny, but cold – the temp was a chilly 7* with a windchill of -6* that day and while the sun was shining, we knew we were definitely not in California anymore!

     I thought of this little card and had to post him to show that while we are stuck in the snow of PA, we can still have fun!  My kids have had fun already in the parking lot of the hotel – making snow angels, a snow fort of sorts, and of course attempting a snowman 🙂  They are each so excited to be in the snow that they missed so much last year that they don’t seem to care about how cold it is! 

     They are ready for action – and each of them wants to try skiing and more ice skating now that we are here – we’ll see how that goes!

     I hope you didn’t miss me too much – look for better posting now that I am a little bit more stable! 🙂

     Take care and stay warm – wherever you are!



3 Responses to “You’re Hot and You’re Cold….”

  1. Jo Muscutt Says:

    Hi Kate! Thank you for commenting on my blog! As I scrolled through yours, I saw wonderful, creative things! And congratulations on your published work! I have that magazine so I’m going to view it “live”! I wish you the best in getting settled in PA!

  2. Molly Says:

    Nice card….not in favor of the snow, but I’m glad the kids like it. XO

  3. Lisa Huttinger Says:

    Very cute! I have missed hearing from you! Glad you are back in PA!

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