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She Loves Yellow Roses March 30, 2011

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Sorry again for the delay in posting some new cards.  It seems as if my crafting mojo went in the box with my stamps and stuff and hasn’t been able to come back out yet!  I have very little craft stuff  here at the house to play with, but I was able to sneak off with some stamps that I bought at my LSS before I left CA after the moving truck had left.  🙂  SO, they had to come in my suitcase!


Truthfully, had I known that it would have been this long without a house, I think I would have packed totally differently.  But, at least I have something to play with… and of course, there are stores around here so I have a added a few things to my stash just so I can play every once and a while.  😉


My mom’s birthday was on Sunday and we were able to go up for the day and visit and play with Grandma – the kids and I  had a blast!  They each made cards to take to her and I did too (guess them apples didn’t fall far!)  Here’s a peek at what it was:

Of course, I should tell you that she loves yellow roses the best and I couldn’t resist making this cute little girl in the yellow and light blues and then adding a few roses to the side.  I was trying to make the card light and airy and full of light (as close to sunshine as I could!) to send some Springtime wishes her way.

I hope she had as much fun playing and spending time with everyone as we did – you’re the BEST mom (and Grandma!)!!  We love you lots!

Take care!


Happy Anniversary!! March 23, 2011

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Well, today officially marks my one year blogging anniversary!!  Like all anniversaries – sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that my friends were bugging me to get on with it – and sometimes it seems like I have been blogging forever!  It has been a fun journey though.  I love to share my thoughts and creations with you –  even though I  am still unsure about what to put on here!  I guess most of the time I just go with what I am feeling that day!


Today, I am sharing a cupcake card – go figure!  I thought it was appropriate for me, lover of all things cupcake, and for the celebration of my blogaversary!  I sent this card in for a submission call, but it got “rejected” so I guess I can post it now.  Hoping YOU will like it! 🙂  I just love this little girl from CC Designs – Cupcake Kiki – she is just SO darn cute!  And one of my biggest fans sent me the sentiment stamp which I just love!!!

So, my dear friends and family…. I have a few questions to pose to you.

What have you enjoyed about my blog this year?

What would you like to see more of?

Would you recommend my blog to anyone you know?

I’d love to hear your input and would love to get more followers, so leave a comment and tell me what you think!


I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post, and others as well through the year.  Thank you for being such great friends and for all of your support!  Love to you all!



P.S. – If you haven’t stopped by the ‘real’ blog, click on over and see the fun things I have added on my sidebar – I have learned a WHOLE lot of fun things this year!!



Poor Puppy March 22, 2011

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Thinking that it has been a LONG while that I haven’t had a chance to get to blogging and I didn’t want anyone to think that anything was wrong, just hectic life here in my world 🙂

Most of you know that we have just moved across the country from CA to PA and have endured the lovely northeastern winter….  We were in the hotel for 2 months, but have now been able to rent a house and are looking forward to the Spring market making a turn in our favor.  I keep thinking we just need some nice family to move out so we can move in!

In the meantime, we are all finally back together – because we now have the house, we are able to have our puppy back with us, and my daughter’s guinea pig too.  Everyone is happy and we each have our own beds too – yippee!

Now that our dog is back, we found that a month or two without brushing and grooming has taken its toll on him and he was really matted and dirty.  So, I called in a professional groomer to help us out – she was so awesome!  She took him into her “mobile grooming trailer” right outside my front door and an hour later he came out looking and smelling SO much better!  Well, except for the fact that she pretty much had to shave him down and now he hardly has any fur – poor puppy!  But I know how his fur grows and in no time he’ll be back to our Fluffy Freddie Bear!

So I wanted to share a treat for the puppy today – an altered treat jar.  I love how his one turned out – I made it a while back before we had Freddie, so I guess now I might have to make him one of his own!

Lots of ribbons and tags and even the personalization with the dog’s name.  I thought it was a fun gift for the dog in your life!

Here’s hoping that Spring comes soon – for Freddie’s fur to grow back, for us to find a permanent home, and that YOU all have a wonderful Spring too!

**sorry for those of you who cannot see the picture – it comes through for me when I post, but I will try a different technique next time **