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Pumpkins in Springtime?? April 13, 2011

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I told you that I would photograph and start to show you some of the layouts that I made on my scrappin’ retreat a couple of weekends ago.  Right at the moment, it seems like ages ago…. but, alas I will share with you and then hope that I can get back to work on some more pages.


I believe that it is in every scrapbooker (well except a few that I know) that we are all perpetually behind in our books, but the memories are still there.  We have more photos of things we want to scrap than time to scrap them.  In talking with my friends at the crop, we all told of times when we purposefully “forgot” the camera or have stopped taking photos because we simply have too much already and don’t want to add to the pile.  And, yes, I have been guilty of that as well.


As I will share with you, in these next few posts, these are not recent photos of any of my kids.  Case is point, here are pictures of the preschool class trip to the pumpkin patch for my son.  (He’s the one that just turned 10 in Feb.!)  My daughter was also with us and they had fun posing in the patch for me.

Now, I can tell you that these were taken on October 8, 2005!!!  Crazy how time flies!!  But I can still remember this day – actually, truth be told I had a VERY hard time scrapping these photos and this trip and have been putting it off because of the memories it evoked.  But this weekend, I made myself plow through and get ‘r dun!


Most of my layouts were simple, as you can see – with most of my supplies in storage right now, I didn’t have tons of embellies and ribbons and “stuff” to add.  But I kinda like the simplicity of this page and the colors.  And who cannot love those cute little faces??  Ahhh…. if they could only stay little forever!!!


One Response to “Pumpkins in Springtime??”

  1. Molly Says:

    The thing I love about fall is the colors….and the little faces with the pumpkins are great! Keeping it simple is my mantra most days. Look how far all of you have come since that fall!! XO

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