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My Pilot…. April 26, 2011

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Here’s another scrapbook layout I did on the retreat a few weeks ago (unfortunately, it seems like a million weeks ago today!). 

My son participated in the school’s Science Fair in March and while it was fresh in my mind, I went at it.  Really it was quite easy since I had “stuff” I wanted to add to the page.  Brendan wants to be a pilot when he grows up and so… his science project was to learn and discuss “What Makes Planes Fly?”  We had in depth conversations (way too deep for me sometimes) about all the information and he really got into it.   He earned a badge and a certificate that I wanted to keep in a safe place. I took some pictures with him and even got one that I think is pretty cool – he is being interviewed and then the interviewer gave him a written review which I added next to the picture.

I tried to tie in the theme of the airplanes with some fun airplane paper and then the fun colors all around.  I like the simplicity of it and yet the fun of it too.  It was a neat thing for him to be a part of and I’m proud of him!

*p.s. – I think the project turned out okay for doing it with little supplies in the hotel room!! 🙂

On a crafty note, I have been diving back in to do some projects – just finished off some neat holiday items for submissions and will add some more for the next few in the coming weeks.  I am hoping to get out there again!  If not, you’ll get a peek at them soon! 🙂

Hope you are enjoying some nice weather wherever you may be! 🙂


2 Responses to “My Pilot….”

  1. Molly Says:

    Congrats to Brendan for a job well done – and to mom for making it a crafty, beautiful, lasting memory! Kudos to you both! XO

  2. Colleen Says:

    Yeah Brendan! The layout turned out great! Even if we had little space and little supplies!!!

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