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Adjusting the Sails May 12, 2011

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Sorry I have not been visiting the blog in a bit…. we had a crazy week or two of events and things happening and then the wonderful stomach flu came for a visit in our house – blah!  Luckily, only 2 kids got it and then it passed to me and I swear I had it the worst of everyone.  I haven’t been that sick in quite a few years and don’t hope to go back there any time soon!

Now, on to the fun of crafting!  I have not had much time to make anything new, plus not feeling well has left me drained.  But, I found this card that I hadn’t posted yet, so here goes 🙂  This card remids me of our travels and move across the country – we didn’t plan to be in the hotel for two months and then have to scramble to find a rental house, still not finding a house to bid on, but we’ve adjusted the sails and think we have done fairly well, all things considered.  Sometimes life hands us a curve ball and we just have to roll with it!

Here’s hoping the wind catches your sails and points you in the RIGHT direction!




One Response to “Adjusting the Sails”

  1. Molly Says:

    Nice card – somewhat masculine – something we all need to remember. Hope your sails get unfurled soon. XO

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