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Over the Hill May 19, 2011

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Hello to all my happy readers!  I know I haven’t been too good about posting regularly, but I have been thinking of crafts and projects and also been taking care of business here on the homefront as well.  No, we have no news on any houses on the horizon, but we are fairly content here at our rental house and for now we are focused on the kids finishing school and just getting thru the day-to-day ‘stuff’ of life. 

We have been busy immersing ourselves in the fun things of our new town – two weekends ago was the town’s Spring Fling – it was SO much fun!   They actually shut down the main road and then it was filled with tents and booths – tons of vendors selling food, crafts, games, etc.  It was really fun to go to and the kids got tons of stuff (of course, most of it is that fun party favor stuff moms just LOVE – not!) 

And this past weekend we went back downtown where they had again blocked the road for the Danville High School Promenade.  Now this was an event that was really typical to the town.  SOOOO many people crowded the streets and apparently it is an annual event that is not to be missed!  The couples going to the Prom at the Masonic Temple came in on various forms of transportation, got out and the teachers valet parked their cars and then they paraded down the street to the Prom.  It was very neat to see the personalities that came out.  We did not know anyone personally that was going, but it was a fun event for sure!  The modes of transportation ranged from golf carts, horse and buggy, a few tractors, regular cars, BIG trucks with lots of exhaust, fire trucks, a small bus …. but the BEST (we all agreed) by far was the boat on a trailer – 3 couples were partying it up in the back and they looked like they were having a blast!  Now the dresses were another whole story – there was certainly enough glitz and sparkle and flowers to light up the town!  So many beautiful gowns and colors and no two the same!  I could go on forever, but alas, I will leave it at the fact that we were all wowed.

We are certainly finding fun things to do around town here and making the adjustment to East Coast living again – have to say I miss the CA sunshine, but am loving being back in “Hometown America”!

Now, onto a crafty project. 🙂  I missed saying a BIG Happy Birthday to my dear hubby, Pete!  He turned the BIG 4-0 and we had a quiet celebration for him.  Here’s a card I made with a sentiment that is just right for him:

HA!  Makes me laugh!!  We joked with him all week and even now about him being “SO old”!  The kids and I got him some gag gifts and had fun making fun of him – it was rally a hoot!  Really, I wish him a happy year and many more to come!

Hope you all are doing well – I am hoping for some good weather this weekend and a visit with some good friends!  Good thoughts to you all – thanks for checking in!



2 Responses to “Over the Hill”

  1. Molly Says:

    Cute card – very masculine. Glad all is well. XO

  2. Michele Lanzoni Says:

    Hi Kate…this is, as are all your cards, so cute. I would love to give it to Harrys cousin Mike who is turning 50 and his party is on the 27th of this month. Not enough time? Probably not, but let me know. We have had Brendans gift since you were out here last to put in the mail….im so bad at being organized and on top of things!! we’ll send it out this weekend. Michele

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