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Blog and E-mail Overload! May 25, 2011

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Sooo…. are you wondering what I have been keeping busy with since I am without most of my crafting supplies here?? Well, here’s the answer for those inquiring minds…..

Since we moved over the holidays and into January, my time had really been eaten up big time.  Something had to give, and most of it was crafts, new ideas, and my crafty e-mail.   I opened my crafty e-mail account in February (when I was bored in the hotel) and I had over 2500 unread e-mails!!  Yikes!  I love to troll around on crafty blogs and check out what others are making, the latest trends, and of course see what’s new out on the market in stamping, papers, etc.  Of course I couldn’t just let all these blog posts and e-mails go without checking them out.  So, every day I have been back logging thru everything and am happy to report that I am down below 275 now (*updated since I typed to come down below 150!)  and halfway back thru October (*updated to into August!)!  I tell you, it has been a major feat to go thru everything and mark them as good and then I copy some ideas and print out some pics and such.  I try to keep track of ideas that I like and papers to look out for, etc.

But I want to share some of the goodness that I see out there with you all.  Here is a list of a few of the blogs that I visit for inspiration – I just love these ladies!!

Debbie Olson – great designs and coloring

Tracy Clemente – a super fun blog that is bursting with ideas

Jami Sibley – beautiful design work

Melissa Phillips – vintage shabby chic designs

Kathleen Curry – simply wonderful ideas

Now, this is just a sample of the MANY blogs I love to read and check out.  Click on them and join in the fun of checking out the talent that is out there.  These ladies have REAL talent and design ability and I love to see what they create (not to mention that they are much better bloggers than I am as they are regular with their posts!)

Off for now to check my e-mail and check out some blogs – my hope is to get down below 100 before June!!  Here’s hopin’!



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