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A Stitch In Time June 30, 2011

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So, for a long time I have been looking at many people’s blogs and their creativeness in the same stamping field and have longingly looked at the ones that have stitching on them.  I love how they look, but for some reason I have been SO intimidated about doing it that I have shied away from trying.
Well, NO more intimidation here – I dusted off my sewing machine (after I found it in the box in the garage, hee hee!) and went to work.  I practiced A LOT before actually going at this card, and I have to say that now I know why I was so intimidated!!  I can hardly sew in a straight line!!  This I definitely do NOT get from my mom!!! She is a whiz at the sewing machine and can whip off anything you ask her to in no time.  Me, well, I thought all I could do was straight stitching, and alas, I can not even do that very well!!


Oh well, if I never tried, I never would have known!  I think the key is more practicing – try, try again, right??  Or if anyone has any words of wisdom, let me have them! 🙂


Here’s my attempt at stitching on a card:

Anyhoo – it leads me to my next blogging attempt 🙂  Since you all liked the Christmas preview last year, I decided to play around again this year and do my


theme again!  I hope you will join me in the cool winter rush of fun in the midst of the heat of summer!  And if you see anything you like, just let me know and we’ll plan for your own stash to be ready by the time the festivities arrive!

Take care – thanks for sharing in my fun today!



5 Responses to “A Stitch In Time”

  1. […] A Stitch In Time – see the original post here – This was my first attempt at stitching with the sewing machine on a card and thought it should be […]

  2. thanks for all of the positive feedback – it’s nice to read! I will continue to practice and hope that it gets better because I do like the look!

  3. Molly Says:

    Happy to see you try sewing! It gets better with practice and patience. Nice card, too.

  4. Lisa Huttinger Says:

    Cute! I love snowmen! I think the stitching looks pretty good actually…….alot better than i could ever do! Enjoy the 4th!
    Lisa 🙂

  5. Colleen Says:

    Ummm..yeah….can’t help you here AT ALL! Don’t sew! The local dry cleaner gets all of my business!! Your Mom does awesome work, if she lived closer, I’d be hiring her!

    But, the card came out cute! I too love this look, but will never attempt it! Great job! I love the little snowman and the paper choice is great!

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