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My Little Sunshine October 20, 2011

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It’s been a little while and I apologize… again!  Life has been crazy here at my house, as is the case in many homes across the country as Fall is upon us and we are all trying to squeeze in work, school, kids afterschool stuff, and the many activities that are happening all around. 

I left you last time while getting ready to get at the holiday cards on World Card Making Day.  Well, I have been busy at work in my workshop and I will be sharing some of the fun over the next few weeks.   First up, I’ll show you what I worked on before the card making frenzy…. it has nothing to do with the holidays though! 🙂

I had a mess all over my table and had to finish off a project that was cooking in my head.  I had these fun pictures of my DD that I took one afternoon in CA when we were waiting in the car for the other kiddos.  She was goofing around and was so silly that it made her very photogenic (in my opinion anyway!).  These are just random shots and I love the playful nature of the photos as well as her happy smile and the play of light. 

So, I had to make them into a fun layout for her scrapbook, and here’s how it came out.

My DD came and sat with me and wanted to have a say in what her pages looked like.  She picked the papers and the layout (placement of pictures).  She wanted flowers and the bright pink pearls and had fun helping me stitch on the sewing machine too.

The kids were playing a bit with cards and crafts too and I’ll be sharing some of their fun as well.  Look out for more posts as the holidays are fast approaching and I have lots of ideas and fun things to share!

Hope you get your creative juices flowing!  Thanks for stopping by!



2 Responses to “My Little Sunshine”

  1. Molly Says:

    Great pages….I thought they would be all purple!!! 🙂 Beautiful Meghan! XO

    • Kate Says:

      Well, truth be told, she wanted purple, but her outfit was bright pink (she was headed to gymnastics) and I thought that we would change things up a bit! 🙂 She still looks for purple things though!!

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