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Showcase of Sports April 23, 2012

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Here are the last few sports boards I made for my nieces and nephew for Christmas.  These are the “original” boards that I started with.  My nieces are the ones who inspired me to start making these.  They are so into their sport – whatever it may be at a given time – and they are at that age that they like to hang things on their walls, so I thought this would make a great way to combine their loves! 


I started out with a hard artist canvas that was 12″x16″, but the others I showed are 12″x12″ ad are stretched canvas.  I like changing things up a bit now and then!  On to the show of sports for today…..


Jordan is my oldest niece and is very into her swimming and is on several teams.  Saw all these glitzy papers and HAD to create!


Emily does do swimming and diving, but while making these, she was also on a soccer team and

doing very well, so I thought I’d highlight that!


Allison is the youngest in the family, but loves to swim as well. She is also on several teams and doing great! 

I couldn’t resist the dolphins for her!


This last board is for my nephew, Ryan.  He is an all-around sports guy and participates in so many that I couldn’t choose just one for him.  So, I used a sporty paper with lots of balls and equipment and highlighted some of his favorites.


Okay, hope you enjoyed the “showcase” of sport boards I have made.  Maybe they will inspire you to create something for those you love, or if you want me to make one for you, just give a yell!

Thanks for stopping by today!

kate ♥




2 Responses to “Showcase of Sports”

  1. Molly Ames Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful! Love them all. XO

  2. Colleen Says:

    I love all of them! I really like the fore you used for the swimming ones! km sure hey loved their gifts as much as we did!!!

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