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A Teacher Cares June 13, 2012

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So, sorry it has been almost a month since my last post…… life has a way of taking you out of the crafting game every so often and this happens to be one of those times again!  You see, as many of you may know, we are in the midst of moving AGAIN.  Yep, that’s right – this is not an old blog post you are rereading, we are on the move again this summer!

My hubby took a new job outside of Philly last November and we have been patiently waiting for school to end for the kiddos and also to search for the place where “we want to settle down”.  Low and behold, we are heading right back to our little ol’ town that we were in before we moved to California. 🙂

We are happy about the move and excited to get settled into a new house with room for everyone and our ‘stuff’ too!  The kids keep saying it is going to be like Christmas to open all of their boxes of stuff that they haven’t seen for a year and a half!  I keep thinking we are going to have to have one BIG garage sale for all of the things that they don’t want/have outgrown over that time! Ha!  Either way is fine with me!

In the midst of everything, my kiddos have finished school here and are really going to miss their teachers and all of the hard-working staff at the schools they were at.  It really has been a great school year and I hope we will have this luck for years to come!  Everyone did SO well in school and liked their teachers, made great friends, and learned a lot.  But the year must end and so, we thank the teachers for all of their hard work and effort they put in to teaching our kids each and every day.

Here is card I made a while back for a submission call that didn’t make it so I thought I’d share here:

A fun card with rainbows, letters and pencils and a very true and special sentiment.  Teachers are a special breed and we all owe them a great deal more than they get.  I know this year especially, I owe a lot to the wonderful teachers my children had.  So thank you Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Hand, and Mrs. Rosini for the wonderful things you taught my kids this year.  We will always remember this year in Danville!




2 Responses to “A Teacher Cares”

  1. Molly Ames Says:

    Love the card….happy you had such a good year and hope the luck continues on to Limerick!! XO

  2. colleen Says:

    What a fun card!

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