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October 19, 2012

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Hey there friends!

Did you miss me???  I hadn’t forgotten about you – these past three months have been jam-packed with moving fun here at the Calvert house. 🙂  We moved in late in June and I got the kids bedrooms painted and done before the furniture went in, then it has been just a matter of settling into the house and unpacking the rest of the boxes.  It was like Christmas around here for quite a few weeks as we found items in boxes that we haven’t seen/used for almost 2 years!  But we have had fun unveiling things and getting them into our new house and settling into it and making it our own.

And then I got to work on the basement area and my craft workshop!!!!  Yeah!!  I can finally say that I am all unpacked down there – every box opened and gone thru and put into its proper place!!  Then I went thru and found all of the items I have already made for sale!  I inventoried all of that, priced it all and it’s ready to go to sales this fall!  Yippee!

Then I had a major task of cleaning out all of the boxes of ‘stuff’ I have collected to make/do over the years.  I started one box at a time and I can really say I thought about things, inventoried, and now have a huge “for sale” pile of craft/stamp/scrapbooking stuff.  I made lists of things to do and even wrote down the ideas on the list so I won’t forget!! 🙂  made me laugh at how many things I looked at and couldn’t recall what in the heck I had in mind to do when I bought it!  Oh well – live and learn!  I now know that I have enough stuff stowed away to keep me busy for a VERY long time!

So I have a little project to share this afternoon that I found and made – yes, that’s right I am now back to making things!! 🙂

It’s a little holiday candy jar – a small treat jar for a counter just for fun!

Trying out new ways to take pics of my crafts – here’s a diff. view:

I filled the jar with peppermint candies so I thought the peppermint candy paper and gingerbread houses were the perfect match for the project.

I hope to be back again real soon with some more goodies from the new crafty workshop!

and I’ll update here on what/when I am doing for craft shows too!

Have a great afternoon – thanks for checking in!



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  1. Molly Ames Says:

    Nice to see some crafts again! Glad you’re settled and inventoried,too. My “fun” is just beginning. XO

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