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Gracias To You All February 27, 2013

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Hello again!

Short and sweet post for today – I’m here with another Creative Challenge 🙂

I had fun with the last one, and you all left such nice and encouraging messages, it gave me the push to try another one! 🙂

If you don’t know what I am referencing, please see my earlier post “Challenging Myself Creatively” by clicking here.


So flipping to find a challenge, I landed on this one…..

100_2288This is for Challenge #37 on page 78/79  “Say Thank You in a Different Language”


This was a different card for me, since well, I don’t really speak any foreign languages.  But I remembered that when we lived in California, I happened to pick up a great Stampin’ Up! set that was all sentiments in Spanish.  🙂  I grabbed the set and found the Gracias stamp.  Then I thought I needed a bold patterned paper, so I searched my stash and found this bright paper collection (part of my hoard that I actually said was ok to cut up finally!)  I used different patterns and some dovetailed shapes and then tied it all together with the jute twine and a button on the side.


A simple, but happy card, I think. 🙂  Makes me think of some of the great people we met out in CA!

Hope all is well for everyone today – thanks for stopping in!



Challenging Myself Creatively February 20, 2013

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Good Morning Dear Friends!

My Card today is part of a New Year’s resolution I made for this year in my “crafting life”.  You see, a few years ago, I decided to challenge myself with new things to do creatively and my first one was to get a blog up and running.  DONE.  Then I challenged myself to get published in a magazine.  DONE.  I even took that one a step further and got published in two different publications and several time in that year!  That was an exciting time.  So, now what to do with myself as the next challenge??  I have to say, I was in a slump this fall.  Even as all of my stamp and scrapbook stuff was finally unloaded, sorted, organized, and at the ready to be used,  I just was having a hard time.

So, I thought about what this year’s challenge could be…… and the answer came to me when Paper Crafts Magazine put out its latest special edition called 75 Creative Card Challenges.  Now this magazine is one of my faves to go to in general, but I found this special edition fun to look at and then I thought – wow I would have done this instead of that for this challenge, etc.  SO… I thought, why not DO IT!  I quickly bought the magazine and have now been looking at it and here is what I came up with for a little fun challenge. 🙂  hee hee

I take the magazine and flip to a random page – viola!  Whatever I may land on, is what I am challenging myself to do!  (on a side note, I thought this would be more fun then just going in order 1-75… I think that would be too boring for me)

So here is my first creation:


This is for Challenge #64 on page 136/137  “Make Your Own Rainbow”

Now, I have to say, this card has been floating around in my head since I bought this stamp for a gift (hope you are enjoying as much as I am! 😉 ) and once I flipped to this page, I just knew what I was going to do.

I stamped each of the hearts using a Versamark color rainbow ink pad I have had stashed for several year (not sure they even make them anymore)  but it was one of those variegated pads and since I wanted to ink each heart in a color, I took another risk and ripped each of the little ink pads off the big pad and inked it by hand.  A messy way to go about it, but I am in LOVE with the final result!  I stamped the sentiment in black ink and tied a white organdy bow on the side to add some soft shimmer (maybe I was thinking a cloud?).

Well, so much for me and my first of many challenges for the year – I already have a few more up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, leave me a comment on what you think of my challenge to myself – or better yet, tell me what you are challenging yourself to do this year! 🙂

take care,



Mini Valentines February 18, 2013

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Hello there friends!
So I am a few days late with getting this posted, but what’s new right?  Well, last week was a really LONG one here at my house and yet a quick one for my kiddos and school!  They ‘celebrated’ the 100th day of school on Tuesday, Thursday was Valentine parties, and Friday was a day off!

I wanted to share a fun project I made with my second grader for her class Valentines.  She had fun helping mommy choose, design, and work on finishing these cuties for each of her class friends. First, let me tell you that we were designing a fun and cute way to package little tatoo boxes I had gotten on clearance last year from one of the big box stores – I simply can’t just give them out, we HAD to dress them up!


Here’s my Meghan hard at work crimping the ends of the packages – simple white and red striped paper cut and crimped on one end, stuffed in the tatoos and an eraser we also found in the stash, and then crimped on the other end.



Here are the puffy little packages all ready for the outside design. 🙂


Meghan then helped me design a sticker for the front of the packages – we used PTI labels and stamps to make it festive with sayings and lots of hearts. 🙂 Then I tied little bows for each using some fun twine in red and white.


Hard at work getting each package put together…..


And here is a pic of the finished product! Just a few nights of working together and my little one had a sweet surprise to give to her friends! So simple and fun to make and I think she really had fun with them – well, I know she laughed and smiled every time I got out the camera and said I was going to take pics to post! HA!

Well, i hope you enjoyed our fun little Valentine treats!
Take care,


Home Sweet Home February 11, 2013

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Okay, so I  am trying desperately to repost my last post so you wonderful readers can actually see the entire thing. I was trying a new app I got on my iPod to see if I could post, and it seems to have posted only half of my post 😦  So frustrating!  I’ll keep trying to work on my technological skills, but honestly, it is evolving faster than I can keep up!


So if you would like to see the entire post and more picsof my lampshades in their room and place of honor, click below 🙂

Home Sweet Home.

Thanks for stopping by!




Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home.


Home Sweet Home February 2, 2013

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Hello out there! I know it has been a very long time since I stopped in for a post, but I haven’t forgotten about it. Life just has a way of filling up my days, and well, night too!

I have been getting a little crafty mojo back and wanted to let you know that I hope to be posting a little more frequently here. 🙂

While I was away from the blogging, I have been getting crafty with projects around the house. As many of you know, we just moved into our house in July, and I have had some decorating to do to make it “home”. While I am certainly far from done, I have added a few crafty touches to some rooms and thought I’d share one of my little projects here.


This is a little lampshade that I used fabric strips on. I rag-tied the strips onto a plain white shade and LOVE the effect. It makes the shade a little more country and the fabrics I used really go nicely with the quilt on my bed. Since we have 2 lamps – one on either side of the bed- I made two if these to go on each nightstand.

A night of ripping strips and tying for each, but i love how they turned out. Here’s a peek at how they look on the nightstands with our bed and quilt!

Thanks for stopping in! Hope to see you again soon!