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Challenging Myself Creatively February 20, 2013

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Good Morning Dear Friends!

My Card today is part of a New Year’s resolution I made for this year in my “crafting life”.  You see, a few years ago, I decided to challenge myself with new things to do creatively and my first one was to get a blog up and running.  DONE.  Then I challenged myself to get published in a magazine.  DONE.  I even took that one a step further and got published in two different publications and several time in that year!  That was an exciting time.  So, now what to do with myself as the next challenge??  I have to say, I was in a slump this fall.  Even as all of my stamp and scrapbook stuff was finally unloaded, sorted, organized, and at the ready to be used,  I just was having a hard time.

So, I thought about what this year’s challenge could be…… and the answer came to me when Paper Crafts Magazine put out its latest special edition called 75 Creative Card Challenges.  Now this magazine is one of my faves to go to in general, but I found this special edition fun to look at and then I thought – wow I would have done this instead of that for this challenge, etc.  SO… I thought, why not DO IT!  I quickly bought the magazine and have now been looking at it and here is what I came up with for a little fun challenge. 🙂  hee hee

I take the magazine and flip to a random page – viola!  Whatever I may land on, is what I am challenging myself to do!  (on a side note, I thought this would be more fun then just going in order 1-75… I think that would be too boring for me)

So here is my first creation:


This is for Challenge #64 on page 136/137  “Make Your Own Rainbow”

Now, I have to say, this card has been floating around in my head since I bought this stamp for a gift (hope you are enjoying as much as I am! 😉 ) and once I flipped to this page, I just knew what I was going to do.

I stamped each of the hearts using a Versamark color rainbow ink pad I have had stashed for several year (not sure they even make them anymore)  but it was one of those variegated pads and since I wanted to ink each heart in a color, I took another risk and ripped each of the little ink pads off the big pad and inked it by hand.  A messy way to go about it, but I am in LOVE with the final result!  I stamped the sentiment in black ink and tied a white organdy bow on the side to add some soft shimmer (maybe I was thinking a cloud?).

Well, so much for me and my first of many challenges for the year – I already have a few more up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, leave me a comment on what you think of my challenge to myself – or better yet, tell me what you are challenging yourself to do this year! 🙂

take care,



11 Responses to “Challenging Myself Creatively”

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  2. beth Says:

    Simply elegant!

  3. Molly Ames Says:

    Love that card….and the stamp. Great minds think alike because I used it for ♥ Day in several different colors – sooo pretty and lacy looking. Keep up the challenges. My recent one was a scarf from some VERY funky/difficult yarn and I finished it last night!!! XO

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I especially like this, Kate! It’s so sweet with all the colors and adorable quote. Keep up the challenges!

  5. cindy Says:

    …this is so pretty & I love how you’ve chosen to creatively challenge yourself. I’m in the process of reconnecting with creativity as well, and I’m very inspired by what you’ve done…Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Love it! Anything hearts is a favorite of mine! Awesome idea challenging yourself like that!

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