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Mini Valentines February 18, 2013

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Hello there friends!
So I am a few days late with getting this posted, but what’s new right?  Well, last week was a really LONG one here at my house and yet a quick one for my kiddos and school!  They ‘celebrated’ the 100th day of school on Tuesday, Thursday was Valentine parties, and Friday was a day off!

I wanted to share a fun project I made with my second grader for her class Valentines.  She had fun helping mommy choose, design, and work on finishing these cuties for each of her class friends. First, let me tell you that we were designing a fun and cute way to package little tatoo boxes I had gotten on clearance last year from one of the big box stores – I simply can’t just give them out, we HAD to dress them up!


Here’s my Meghan hard at work crimping the ends of the packages – simple white and red striped paper cut and crimped on one end, stuffed in the tatoos and an eraser we also found in the stash, and then crimped on the other end.



Here are the puffy little packages all ready for the outside design. 🙂


Meghan then helped me design a sticker for the front of the packages – we used PTI labels and stamps to make it festive with sayings and lots of hearts. 🙂 Then I tied little bows for each using some fun twine in red and white.


Hard at work getting each package put together…..


And here is a pic of the finished product! Just a few nights of working together and my little one had a sweet surprise to give to her friends! So simple and fun to make and I think she really had fun with them – well, I know she laughed and smiled every time I got out the camera and said I was going to take pics to post! HA!

Well, i hope you enjoyed our fun little Valentine treats!
Take care,


October 19, 2012

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Hey there friends!

Did you miss me???  I hadn’t forgotten about you – these past three months have been jam-packed with moving fun here at the Calvert house. 🙂  We moved in late in June and I got the kids bedrooms painted and done before the furniture went in, then it has been just a matter of settling into the house and unpacking the rest of the boxes.  It was like Christmas around here for quite a few weeks as we found items in boxes that we haven’t seen/used for almost 2 years!  But we have had fun unveiling things and getting them into our new house and settling into it and making it our own.

And then I got to work on the basement area and my craft workshop!!!!  Yeah!!  I can finally say that I am all unpacked down there – every box opened and gone thru and put into its proper place!!  Then I went thru and found all of the items I have already made for sale!  I inventoried all of that, priced it all and it’s ready to go to sales this fall!  Yippee!

Then I had a major task of cleaning out all of the boxes of ‘stuff’ I have collected to make/do over the years.  I started one box at a time and I can really say I thought about things, inventoried, and now have a huge “for sale” pile of craft/stamp/scrapbooking stuff.  I made lists of things to do and even wrote down the ideas on the list so I won’t forget!! 🙂  made me laugh at how many things I looked at and couldn’t recall what in the heck I had in mind to do when I bought it!  Oh well – live and learn!  I now know that I have enough stuff stowed away to keep me busy for a VERY long time!

So I have a little project to share this afternoon that I found and made – yes, that’s right I am now back to making things!! 🙂

It’s a little holiday candy jar – a small treat jar for a counter just for fun!

Trying out new ways to take pics of my crafts – here’s a diff. view:

I filled the jar with peppermint candies so I thought the peppermint candy paper and gingerbread houses were the perfect match for the project.

I hope to be back again real soon with some more goodies from the new crafty workshop!

and I’ll update here on what/when I am doing for craft shows too!

Have a great afternoon – thanks for checking in!



Showcase of Sports April 23, 2012

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Here are the last few sports boards I made for my nieces and nephew for Christmas.  These are the “original” boards that I started with.  My nieces are the ones who inspired me to start making these.  They are so into their sport – whatever it may be at a given time – and they are at that age that they like to hang things on their walls, so I thought this would make a great way to combine their loves! 


I started out with a hard artist canvas that was 12″x16″, but the others I showed are 12″x12″ ad are stretched canvas.  I like changing things up a bit now and then!  On to the show of sports for today…..


Jordan is my oldest niece and is very into her swimming and is on several teams.  Saw all these glitzy papers and HAD to create!


Emily does do swimming and diving, but while making these, she was also on a soccer team and

doing very well, so I thought I’d highlight that!


Allison is the youngest in the family, but loves to swim as well. She is also on several teams and doing great! 

I couldn’t resist the dolphins for her!


This last board is for my nephew, Ryan.  He is an all-around sports guy and participates in so many that I couldn’t choose just one for him.  So, I used a sporty paper with lots of balls and equipment and highlighted some of his favorites.


Okay, hope you enjoyed the “showcase” of sport boards I have made.  Maybe they will inspire you to create something for those you love, or if you want me to make one for you, just give a yell!

Thanks for stopping by today!

kate ♥




More Sport Boards April 18, 2012

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Well, I promised I’d be back with more of the sporty fun to show you today, so here goes the next round! 🙂


This family is sports oriented, but everyone has their “own” sport!  So here is what I came up with for these friends.

Lindsey, with her volleyball.  It’s hard to find and dress up the black and white of the volleyball papers

that are out there, but I did add some ribbons and glitter papers!


Their oldest son, Brendan, had fun on his basketball team this winter.


And Connor is all about the baseball!


So, as you can see, I tried to individualize each of the boards to make it a special gift.   The photo spot that is on each is also just a 4″x6″ white cardstock piece so that the parents (or kids) can simply slip in a printed picture.  I also told everyone that if they use very little or a removable adhesive, they can swap out the pictures whenever they get a new one that they like (or if they switch teams, etc.)


Now, of course, my kids are bugging me to make them one for their rooms… guess I gotta keep craftin’!

Take care – enjoy the sunshine today!

kate ♥


Another Gift Idea April 17, 2012

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Well, now that all of our Christmas gifts have finally been delivered to the recipients :), I can show you some of the new ideas I had this year.  I tried this new canvas art for some of the kids on my list and thought it would be a fun thing for them to have to decorate their rooms. 

I have neices, nephews, and friends that are all involved with sports and activities that I tried to match and decorate for. 

Here are some of the kids from one family that is very involved in Tae-Kwon-Do.


Their oldest daughter, Morgan, is a cutie in her white uniform!

Aidan is really into the sport and has quite a kick!

Declan, their youngest son, is too cute in his uniform too!

Well, that’s it for that family :).  Tomorrow I’ll show you some of the others I have done for the other sporty kids I know!

Thanks for stopping by!

kate ♥


It’s a Cupcake Kind-of Day March 21, 2012

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Happy Wednesday to you all!!  I think it’s a cupcake kind-of day here so I had to post this fun card I made for my birthday card stash:


Lots of fun glitter and a yummy glossy cherry on top of this goodie!  I hope the recipient is as happy with it as I am! 🙂

Lots of fun to make these fun kind-of cards 🙂

Hope you have a great day and maybe get some crafty goodness going!

thanks for stopping by –

kate ♥




DeNami Birthday Blog Hop March 12, 2012

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Hi Everybody!  Welcome to the DeNami Birthday Blog Hop!  If you have arrived here from NICKI’S BLOG, then you are on the right track!  If you just popped in on my blog, but would like to start at the beginning, head on over to the DeNami blog. 

First off, let me say sorry for not getting this posted yesterday, but….. we have had the stomach flu going through our house and while I had two kids down with it last week and a hubby away, I did get a chance to sneak in some card making.  Unfortunately, the higher powers had other plans for me on Sunday.  Just when I though the bug had left the house, it hit me.  And boy, did it hit me hard.   Anyway, without going into details, let’s just say I don’t think I have ever been so sick in my life.   I couldn’t even get out of bed, let alone turn on the computer for a post. Ugh.  I’m feeling a bit better today, but I’m hoping this is the end for everyone in my house.

So on to the fun…..  Birthdays are such a fun time.  They are the occassion  that I like to make cards for most of all.  And I especially like to make them for someone in particular and while I make the card, I think of that person.  I like to think it adds a little something special to the card!  And I like to think of what their reaction will be when the receive the card – that’s my favorite part!

The first card I have for you today is for the younger set – or the young at heart!  I just love this stamp, and have done it before, but since I have several nephews who have summer birthdays, I thought I’d whip up a cute summery birthday card for them!


stamp: ICE CREAM CONE patterned paper: wite out line (sorry I pulled from the old stash!)

coloring: prismacolor pencils, gamsol, glitter roller pen

accents: TWINE, jewel

The next card I have is one that uses a stamp that I fell in love with because of its’ wistfulness.  Now DeNami puts in the wedding stamp category, but I happen to think it could be a fancy birthday cake!  See what you think.



cardstock: white

patterned paper: Basic Grey Capella

coloring: prismacolor pencils, gamsol


Okay, continue on your way now through blogland – off you go to DANA’S BLOG!  Hope you enjoyed viewing my take on some birthday treats!  Remember to leave comments on the blogs as DeNami has a lot of great prizes to give away!!

kate ♥