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Challenging Myself Creatively February 20, 2013

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Good Morning Dear Friends!

My Card today is part of a New Year’s resolution I made for this year in my “crafting life”.  You see, a few years ago, I decided to challenge myself with new things to do creatively and my first one was to get a blog up and running.  DONE.  Then I challenged myself to get published in a magazine.  DONE.  I even took that one a step further and got published in two different publications and several time in that year!  That was an exciting time.  So, now what to do with myself as the next challenge??  I have to say, I was in a slump this fall.  Even as all of my stamp and scrapbook stuff was finally unloaded, sorted, organized, and at the ready to be used,  I just was having a hard time.

So, I thought about what this year’s challenge could be…… and the answer came to me when Paper Crafts Magazine put out its latest special edition called 75 Creative Card Challenges.  Now this magazine is one of my faves to go to in general, but I found this special edition fun to look at and then I thought – wow I would have done this instead of that for this challenge, etc.  SO… I thought, why not DO IT!  I quickly bought the magazine and have now been looking at it and here is what I came up with for a little fun challenge. 🙂  hee hee

I take the magazine and flip to a random page – viola!  Whatever I may land on, is what I am challenging myself to do!  (on a side note, I thought this would be more fun then just going in order 1-75… I think that would be too boring for me)

So here is my first creation:


This is for Challenge #64 on page 136/137  “Make Your Own Rainbow”

Now, I have to say, this card has been floating around in my head since I bought this stamp for a gift (hope you are enjoying as much as I am! 😉 ) and once I flipped to this page, I just knew what I was going to do.

I stamped each of the hearts using a Versamark color rainbow ink pad I have had stashed for several year (not sure they even make them anymore)  but it was one of those variegated pads and since I wanted to ink each heart in a color, I took another risk and ripped each of the little ink pads off the big pad and inked it by hand.  A messy way to go about it, but I am in LOVE with the final result!  I stamped the sentiment in black ink and tied a white organdy bow on the side to add some soft shimmer (maybe I was thinking a cloud?).

Well, so much for me and my first of many challenges for the year – I already have a few more up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, leave me a comment on what you think of my challenge to myself – or better yet, tell me what you are challenging yourself to do this year! 🙂

take care,



Stars and Stripes Forever July 4, 2012

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Happy Fourth of July everyone!!  Today is a fun day all over the USA with parties, BBQs, and most of all fireworks displays!  We are happy to be going to our new town’s show of spectacular fireworks tonight.  The kids will have a blast I am sure and I love to watch them dance in the night sky!


The move went fairly smoothly and now we are tackling unpacking everything and getting it into it’s proper “home”.  The kids are settling in and making some new friends in the neighborhood and enjoying opening boxes to see their “stuff”!  Thanks for everyone’s well-wishes!


Now on to the crafty fun!  Here’s two cards I forgot to post last year at Father’s Day – a card I made for my father-in-law and one for my father.  I thought it would be fun to share them here since it was all about the stars and stripes and being a great all- American dad/grandpa! ( Please pardon the handwritten sentiment, at that point in my last move I didn’t have my spring sentiments out of the box!)


And here is the card I made for my father.  He was in the Navy and so I  used the nautical theme.   Just love that little sailor hat!


So, Happy “Red,White, and Blue”, “Stars and Stripes Forever”, and all that jazz.  May you all be safe and well and “God Bless America”!

Thanks for stopping in!



Happy Anniversary May 3, 2012

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How is your week going?  So far, so good on this end! 🙂

I’m back again today to share a simple card with you.  I sent this in for a submission call, but it was rejected, so off to the pile  it goes!


Today is one of my very good friends anniversary – so many years ago that I can’t even remember how many!  Seems like they have been together forever since I know they were high school sweethearts, I knew them thru college, and then they got married.  I still remember the day they got married.  They had the wedding in the tiniest little country church.  We were running late getting there and when we finally arrived, out I stepped from the car and landed my fancy high heels into a pile of horse poop!  Not a great thing to have happen on your way into church!   Then we went up to the church, which they had already shut the front doors for the ceremony and when we opened them, the WHOLE congregation turned around to see us!  I guess they thought I was the bride coming down the aisle!  Talk about embarrassing!!  We had to then “sneak” into the back and since there were so many people, it was standing room only.  A beautiful ceremony followed by a wonderful reception… and the rest is history!  We have moved all around the country, but we have remained close – even being pregnant at the same time and having our daughters only 3 days apart!


So, I want to say Happy Anniversary to Brian and Steph!  May you have MANY more wonderful years together!

Fun flowers created with Spellbinders blossom nesties in all sizes.  Monochromatic look with cardstock, buttons, and ink.  Tied it off with an organdy ribbon and a little tag to wish them Happy Anniversary!


Thanks for stopping by – see you all next week!

kate ♥


Happy Birthday! April 27, 2012

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A special day here tomorrow, as my darling daughter turns 9!   Where did the time go?  I can hardly believe that her childhood is almost gone!  How time is fleeting these days!


I wanted to share a card I made for one of the lovely girlies in my life  – my favorite stamps are the kids from C.C.Designs and this one is part of their birthday line and has a pretty ribbon in her hands to celebrate.  I used an older paper pad to create with and added a popped up sentiment.   A button with twine adds a special touch to the card.

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for checking me out today!

kate ♥


Picture Perfect April 25, 2012

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Cameos and Silhouettes are all the rage right now, so here is a card I made with my take on them. 

When I envisioned it, it was so girly and frilly,  so I went with the seam binding gathered behind the image and added the gem to her hair for sparkle.  I saw this paper and had to do something totally girly with it – so fancy!

I love the look of the lacy papers and all of the swirls and toile look to it.  Simple and elegant!

Have a great day – thanks for stopping by!

kate ♥


Flowers On Black March 23, 2012

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Hi All!

So I had this vision…. I saw this beautiful shirt a while back in a catalog and thought – “WOW!  That pattern is stunning… it would look really cool done on a card.  I wonder if I can pull it off?”  Fast forward to the other day when I sat down to make some cards and I had no thoughts as to what exactly to make.  I thought of that black cardstock and the challenge I wanted to attempt and here is what came out.

I stamped the flower and leaf images with white ink and then colored them with prismacolor pencils.  Blended the colors just a touch with the gamsol technique and was pretty happy with how it turned out.  It’s hard to see in the picture because of the lighting, but it is fuschia and turquoise and a lime green on the black with white.  Not too shabby for a first attempt, so I went on to make this card too…


Now, I like the first one, but the second card turned out good too.  It was fun to “play” with a new technique and see how it turned out.  I like the look of the colors on the black, but I have to say that choosing the right colors to color with is the key.  Not many colors will show up very well on the black cardstock, I had to be choosy.  And that is one reason why I chose the simple flowers and leaves.  These DeNami stamps were just the right stamp to try this with and now I am addicted to these little flowers….must make more!

Hope you enjoy – maybe it will inspire you to try something new today too!

Have a great weekend!



Book ‘Em! February 29, 2012

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Hi there everybody!  Did you think I had forgotten about you?  Well, I haven’t…. my mojo had just left me for a bit and I was having a hard time getting into anything crafty 😦 So I have had nothing to post. 

Goodness gracious, I looked back at my last post and realized that it has almost been two whole months!!  Can hardly believe it!  I know in my mind I have thought of things to post and things to share, but I promise to be better over the next few months!  And thank goodness February has this extra day so I can sneak a post in!

For today, I wanted to share some fun little diddies I’ve been working on.  My girls are really into reading and this time of year, when we can’t get outside to play, I can often find my Abbie curled up with a book.  And this year, my Meghan has really sprouted with her reading!  So, here are some fun bookmarks I have made.

They are made with some “scraps” of papers and some neat inchie stamps.  I had fun playing with each one as they are all different.  The stamped image is on an inchie square and then mounted on cardstock, colored and most are glittered or jeweled.  I found the neat bookmark sleeves online and then tied a few matching ribbons in the top.  I made about 30 or so in all different patterns, colors and gender.

Okay, I promise to be back more in March 🙂   Thanks for stopping by today!

 Take care –