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Gracias To You All February 27, 2013

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Hello again!

Short and sweet post for today – I’m here with another Creative Challenge ūüôā

I had fun with the last one, and you all left such nice and encouraging messages, it gave me the push to try another one! ūüôā

If you don’t know what I am referencing, please see my earlier post “Challenging Myself Creatively” by clicking here.


So flipping to find a challenge, I landed on this one…..

100_2288This is for Challenge #37 on page 78/79¬† “Say Thank You in a Different Language”


This was a different card for me, since well, I don’t really speak any foreign languages.¬† But I remembered that when we lived in California, I happened to pick up a great Stampin’ Up! set that was all sentiments in Spanish.¬† ūüôā¬† I grabbed the set and found the Gracias¬†stamp.¬† Then I thought I needed a bold patterned paper, so I searched my stash and found this bright paper collection (part of my hoard that I actually said was ok to cut up finally!)¬† I used different patterns and some dovetailed shapes and then tied it all together with the jute twine and a button on the side.


A simple, but happy card, I think. ūüôā¬† Makes me think of some of the great people we met out in CA!

Hope all is well for everyone today – thanks for stopping in!



Many Thanks to Everyone! June 27, 2012

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Sending this card out to blogland¬†today to thank EVERYONE for all of their thoughts and prayers as we move on to the next journey in our crazy life!¬† The moving boxes are packed, the truck is full and we are on our way to being homeowners again!¬† yippee!!¬† We can hardly wait!¬† I really appreciate everyone’s help and thoughts and good wishes as we make this move.¬† Hopefully this one will be a lasting one!



A simple silhouette card, but I love how it came out.  I used a brayer for the background with some ink and let it dry.  Then stamped the silhouette images in chocolate ink on top.  Cut it down to card size, matted and mounted it and viola! a card!  I added a fancier bow in the corner with the punched tag.


Hoping all of you are happy and well – will keep you posted in the next few weeks about the move and settling in!

Thanks again for stopping in!





A Teacher Cares June 13, 2012

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So, sorry it has been almost a month since my last post…… life has a way of taking you out of the crafting game every so often and this happens to be one of those times again!¬† You see, as many of you may know, we are in the midst of moving AGAIN.¬† Yep, that’s right – this is not an old blog post you are rereading, we are on the move again this summer!

My hubby took a new job outside of Philly last¬†November and we have been patiently waiting for school to end for the kiddos and also to search for the place where “we want to settle down”.¬† Low and behold, we are heading right back to our little ol’ town that we were in before we moved to California. ūüôā

We are happy about the move and excited to get settled into a new house with room for everyone and our ‘stuff’ too!¬† The kids keep saying it is going to be like Christmas to open all of their boxes of stuff that they haven’t seen for a year and a half!¬† I keep thinking we are going to have to have one BIG garage sale for all of the things that they don’t want/have outgrown over that time! Ha!¬† Either way is fine with me!

In the midst of everything, my kiddos have finished school here and are really going to miss their teachers and all of the hard-working staff at the schools they were at.  It really has been a great school year and I hope we will have this luck for years to come!  Everyone did SO well in school and liked their teachers, made great friends, and learned a lot.  But the year must end and so, we thank the teachers for all of their hard work and effort they put in to teaching our kids each and every day.

Here is card I made a while back for a submission call that didn’t make it so I thought I’d share here:

A fun card with rainbows, letters and pencils and a very true and special sentiment.  Teachers are a special breed and we all owe them a great deal more than they get.  I know this year especially, I owe a lot to the wonderful teachers my children had.  So thank you Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Hand, and Mrs. Rosini for the wonderful things you taught my kids this year.  We will always remember this year in Danville!




One Person November 23, 2011

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Today I just want to thank all of YOU – my loyal blog followers and commenters, the people who stop in from time to time, the people who happen to come across my blog and take the time to stop and look around.¬† Without you, I would not be blogging and sharing my creations.¬† I really appreciate the time it takes for you to stop in, take a peek at my cards and creations and then comment on the things you see and like.¬† I take time to look through all the comments and appreciate the kind words you leave for me.¬† It is like getting a mini hug or a pat on the back each and every time.¬† Truthfully it is those thoughts that are with me when I sit back down to create…. What would they like to see now?¬† What would be fun to post?¬† I think of you and my mind starts creating!¬† SO here is a card I created for ALL of YOU out there in cyberland….

To me, you are my world.  I hope that you know how thankful I am for each of you.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving with whomever you are spending it with!

Thank you again for stopping by – take care!



Thanks Teach! June 3, 2011

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Happy Friday Friends!

Today is the last day of school for my kiddos and it seems to be a day filled with mixed emotions for me.  My kids are all growing up way too fast and yet I am proud of them for all of their accomplishments and that they have made it through this very tumultuous year!

I wanted to take a moment today and thank all of the teachers out there – my kids have been blessed to have¬†had some really good ones in the past few years and I know first hand how hard the job really is.¬† So here’s a card to send my appreciation out to those who touch the future each and every day!

A Fun design from CC Designs РTeacher with her apple basket and then I used some cute paper that is hard to see in the pic Рbut it is glossy and glittery and fun all around!  And then I found this gorgeous ruler ribbon that I just have to say that I love it so much, I find it hard to use!  Does that ever happen to you?  I thought it went well with the teachery theme for this card.  I added some tiny pearls to the top corner and the bottom apple in the circle is covered with glossy accents for some added shine.

a cheery thank you for any teacher

fun on the inside as well!

I hope you have a cheery Friday and an equally fun weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!



And the Card Attached Would Say…. April 29, 2011

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Happy Friday to you and Happy Birthday to my dear friends Colleen, Karen, and Steph!!


I have to take a moment and say thank you to Steph, a friend from college, who has been there for me and my hubby and kids thru lots of ups and downs, ins and outs, good times and lots happy times and a lot of shoulder crying!  It seems like so long ago that we were hanging out in Navy Hall with Dr. K and Dr. Jones and thinking of the future and teaching all of those special kids.  We have certainly seen a lot over the years Рteaching jobs, marriage, houses, kids, moves (well for me anyhow!) and I really want to say how much I appreciate your friendship! 

Karen, we met in our early mothering days (seems a lifetime ago!) and had many a fun day with the kiddos and then pregnancy together, and those¬†early scrapbooking days of stickers and cardstock – woohoo!¬† Lots of fun with MOMS club and our board memberships – talk about crazy!¬† Even though we are far apart, you are always close in heart and I know that if I ever needed to, I could call you and you’d be right there to lend a helping hand.

And Colleen, my dear friend and crafty cohort!¬† What can I say?¬† Many a year ago, we met while holding our little ones while waiting for our oldest to come out of Mrs. Schroeder’s class… You are a true friend that is always there for me when I need you.¬† Your support and caring ways have made me feel so loved.¬† You have shared of yourself and your family and I really appreciate it.¬†

While saying all that, you, my blog-following friends, should know that Colleen is a MAJOR supporter of my crafts and without her, you wouldn’t be reading this right now!¬†¬† HA!¬† She is always there to gently push me into the next realm of my crafting ‘career’ and I do appreciate it.¬† AND she is a major commenter here on my blog – check out how many times she is on here ūüôā¬† Thanks lady!¬†

Now, on to a card for the celebration!¬† I never got to post this card I made a while back, but I thought it appropriate for today since ¬†it was so girly!¬† It is cuttlebug¬†embossed on the top, chalked with pink to show the ‘happy birthday’ and then some patterned paper on the bottom and finished off with some flowers and ribbon.¬† Fun to make and fun to give!

I should note to the special ladies that I have your cards (not the one pictured) and presents, but not mailed as of yet since I am behind the eight ball this week.  Sorry, your friend is a lame friend :(.  But I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy a special day doing fun things!



Another Thankful Day April 8, 2011

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     Happy Friday Everyone!  I am so hopeful that this weekend it will finally be sunshiney!  It has been grey and rainy every day this week and I am really getting tired of it.  It does not make me want to do anything and yet, I have so much to do!

¬†¬†¬†¬† Here’s another look at a set of thank you notecards I had made a while back :

     This card showcases purple and the pansy flower sticker РI just love those think epoxy stickers!  I cuttlebugged the swirls image in lavender paper and then mounted it on top of the white card with a cut out circle and scallop to make it pop.  Simple grossgrain across the bottom to highlight the little tag with a shiny, tiny ribbon tie. 

¬†¬†¬†¬† Hope you enjoy your weekend! ūüôā